celerity.team consists of four dedicated and
highly motivated pupils from the
Märkisches Gymnasium Iserlohn who came
together for the work on the project.

Formula 1 in schools

is a multi-disciplinary and international
technology challenge, in which teams of
students design, manufacture and then race
miniature compressed air powered F1 cars.

We aim to use the fascination with the "big" Formula 1 and the world-wide presence to create an exciting and thrilling learning experience for young people to improve their understanding and insight in product development, technology, and science and show them careers in technical jobs.

In regional championships and a German Championship teams are competing with gas-cartridge driven race cars on a 20 m race track. The winning team represents Germany in the World Championships of "F1 in Schools" that take place every year prior to a Formula 1 Grand Prix.

In addition to the design of the car and the driving time, the evaluation also includes a presentation, a portfolio and a pit display.


Team member
„Working together to win.”
Celerity.team is a small group with complementary skills. Our abilities complement each other and together we take the responsibility for achieving our objectives. All team members of the celerity.team participate for the first time in the "Formula 1 at school" competition.
Larissa Pirrello (18)

  • Representing of our team in public
  • Monitoring of time and cost plannings
  • Creating the foundations for our teamwork

Bine Blechmann (18)

  • Planning and coordination of our marketing concept
  • Presenting of celerity.team in public
  • Attending to the needs of the sponsors

Jonas Trettin (19)
Graphic Design

  • Creating the team philosophy
  • Developing and implementing of the corporate design
  • Coding and administrating of the website

Paul Trettin (17)
Design Engineering

  • Developing and engeneering of the racing car
  • Implementation for manufacturing
  • Coordinating of the production process
Code of conduct
Corporate Identity
„Corporate Design makes the good better.”
The corporate identity should stand out from the other teams. Therefore, both a striking color scheme and a modern appearance have been implemented. It was important that, in addition to the recognition value, the practical benefits were guaranteed.

The Project
„Healthy competition doesn't live from the fight but from creative diversity.”
Formula 1 is a multi-disciplinary and international technology challenge, in which students design, manufacture and then race miniature compressed air powered F1 cars. In addition to the design of the car and the driving time, the evaluation also includes a presentation, a portfolio and a pit display.

„From Newcomer to the World Championship in nine month.”
Everything started with a session at SIHK in Hagen (Germany) that combined both an introduction as well as a first training. We meet there at the first time and it was not clear to us that this was the beginning of our common road to Malaysia. As from the beginning we knew that this is the first and the last time we are able to participate at the project. Therefore we had the participation in the German Championship as a common target in mind.

South-West qualifying session
4 February 2017
NRW Championship
4 March 2017
German Championship
13 May 2017
World Championship
22 - 29 September 2017
German National Champion 2017
Yesterday at the German Championship, we qualified for the 2017 World Cup in Malaysia! We also secured the prize for the best construction and the best portfolio. We would like to thank all the sponsors who have supported us so far and are now on our way to the World Championship together with us!
Visiting the big ones
Not the winner but more experiences than we ever thought.
Thank you to Jakob Andreasen (Chief Operations and Performance Engineer) from Williams Martini Racing for the invitation. It was very impressive to see the Sepang Circuit and the garage of Team Williams up close.
The great finish
Four days of tension are now behind us. Assembly of the team box, presentations, interviews and of course the races were very challenging. In a very strong, international field of participants we were able to reach the 15th place.
War of nerves
We were able to win the first race in the knock-out competition with confidence. In the second round we met the German-Australian collaboration team Aurora partly "old friends" from previous competitions in Germany. It wasn't until the third round that Aurora won the race - with a lead of 19/100 seconds.
Secound racing session finished
Physics couldn't be fooled. Therefore, unfortunately, we were unable to improve our racing time today. But we were very pleased about Mr.Schlüter's visit to Malaysia and that we were able to show him our work.
First racing session finished
Today we had our first race against a team from the Emirates. This went well for us even if the race times did not meet our expectations from the preperation runs. We hope that we will be able to repeat the top times of the preperation runs on the next race day.
We have covered 10,000 kilometres in the last few hours and arrived today in Malaysia at the Sunway Pyramid Hotel.
Tomorrow we'll have to register and we'll get used to the climate and the time difference before the World Cup starts.
A few hours before our departure for the World Cup in Malaysia, we were once again mentioned in the daily press.
Read more (ikz-online.de)
Just in time
Once again we have reached an important intermediate goal for the World Cup. The two documents describing the development and production of our racing car as well as our team, marketing, project management and cooperations were sent out just in time.
With 3,000 guests and a colourful supporting programme, the family day of our premium partner TRILUX took place today. There we could introduce ourselves and the project in a relaxed atmosphere to all visitors who were interested. In more than 300 cases the start button was pressed.
Thank you very much for the invitation.
It is getting colorful
A big thank you to RKR Karosserie- und Lackier-Zentrum GmbH, who primed the body part of our car today. Now we are grinding

And then color comes into play!
Technology Academy at the SIHK
Today we supported the SIHK in the implementation of the technology academy. 13 new teams could qualify for the starting season this weekend.
Precision at work
Once again, the milling machine in the toolmaking department of TRILUX is under strain. With incredible precision of 1/100mm, our chassis is created out of an inconspicuous model block.
Marketing strategy submitted
Just in time the presentation of our our marketing and social media strategy was submitted to the jury. As always, we have used a lot of meaningful images and graphics to make our marketing strategy clear and comprehensible.
We are very excited about the results!
Test races started
Yesterday we started our test races. By carefully testing some components, we gained alot of meaningfull data. Based on this results we identified the best combination.
Shell of the teambox finished
Today we had the opportunity to equip the shell of our teambox for Malaysia with our premium partner Schlüter Systems.
Test ball bearings arrived
Small but powerful! This is how you can describe the ball bearings we have received today. To determine the ideal bearing, we have implemented a test set-up. we promise important insights into the performance of the bearings.
Successful team meeting
Today we worked on the design of our pit display. The new dimensions of the pit display offers some more possibilities comparing to the previous championships. We welcomed two guest from the US. Thus we directly trained our English skills. Thanks to Barnaby and Michelle Wyse.
Full meeting at SIHK
On Wednesday, we were able to present our team at the SIHK full meeting.
canto supports celerity.team!
We're really glad that we can say that Canto supports us still on our way to the world championship! As with previous Championships, Canto will create all of our laser-sintered plastic parts.
Pen supply received!
We have just picked up our pen supply! A big thank you to XMEDIAPRINT!
Kirchhoff becomes Junior Partner
Kirchhoff supports us on our way to the World Cup again with financial resources. Many Thanks!
Sponsoring appointment with Trilux
Yesterday we had a successful sponsoring appointment with Trilux from Arnsberg-Neheim. We are looking forward to a good cooperation!
MEDICE becomes Junior Partner
MEDICE supports us financially on the way to the world championship.
Schlüter Systems becomes Premium Partner!
Today we had another successful meeting with Mr. Schlüter, who will give us active support throughout the next weeks and will help us with the next steps till we have the world championship!
The air vibrated with excitement when the German Champion of “Formula 1 in schools” was honored. The "celerity.team" took first place at the German Championships.

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Tears of joy In Neckarsulm in the afternoon. The "celerity.team" took first place at the German Championships.

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New team clothes and new team pictures!
This weekend we got our new team clothes. So it went directly to our new sponsor Fotostudio Dahlhaus and we have made the new team photos!
RKR supports celerity.team!
Today we brought our milled chassis to our new sponsor RKR. RKR supports us by coating our car.
Chassis for the German Championship are milled
Last week we were able to mill the chassis for our new cars. We would like to thank TRILUX, which made this possible in the usual precision!
Different attachments be on trial
On Saturday we did some test races with different attachment parts. The obtained results gave us important insights for the right choice of the attachment parts for our final car.
KIRCHHOFF is now main sponsor!
KIRCHHOFF supported us with additional financial resources! Many Thanks!
Today the newspaper IKZ published a large article about celrity.team.

Read more (pdf)
celerity.team visited canto!
We visited our sponsor canto and talked about further cooperation. Canto supports us by producing of prototypes and our attachments of the chassis.
New model blocks
Time to mill our cars for the German championship.
It's time! The video of the NRW Championship is here!

Watch now!
The team from the Märkische Gymnasium Iserlohn enjoyed great joy. They are now allowed to travel to Neckarsulm for the German Championship.

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Pens and blocks have arrived!
Just in time for the NRW championship, our pens and blocks have arrived!
In the South-West qualifying session, we received no less than three awards today and can participate in the NRW Championship on 3 March 2017 in Bielefeld!

Watch the movie!
We are now milling with 5-axis
Today we were able to gain first insights into 5-axis milling! We are pleased that we have found the company TRILUX that will implement our chassis in high quality.
Today we have milled our first chassis at the SIHK. We would like to thank the SIHK for the support!

Watch the movie!
First milling trials started!
Today, we were trying to mill our chassis for the first time at the SIHK. Unfortunately we had problems with the milling program and could not finish our work.
Schlüter Systems supports celerity.team!
The sponsor talks have gone well and we are looking forward to cooperating with Schlüter Systems from now on!
Our business cards are here!
Thanks to Mediaprint, we can now leave our contact details directly on the spot!
KIRCHHOFF supports celerity.team!
Today we had a successful Sponsoring appointment with KIRCHHOFF Automotive and we thank Mrs. Boehle for her time for us.
The third milestone is completed.
We had to deliver content on the production process of the car, the team box and the cooperation with our sponsors.
Team meeting
Today we worked on the construction, planned the next milestone and the next sponsor appointments and fixed the last points for the newsletter.
Secound milestone sent - wait for the results!
At the second milestone, we had to expand our portfolio by 5 to 10 pages. The focus this time was on the development of the car, the pit stop and the cooperation with our sponsors.
Team meeting
Today we looked over the production stage, did some last fine-tuning before the second milestone and strengthened our team spirit.
MEDICE supports celerity.team!
We would also like to thank Dr. Pütter for his time and support, as well as the cooperation with MEDICE, who are supporting us as a major sponsor.
Canto is supporting celerity.team
We are delighted to work with Canto and thank Mr. Tschorn for his time and his new ideas.
First milestone successfully completed.
We have successfully completed the first milestone and received a good feedback from our mentor!
First construction is finished!
After many hours of simulation and engeneering, we finished the first design of our car.
First milestone prepared!
Next step, fundamentals for the first milestone and the next sponsor-appointment got discussed.
Our logo is ready!
With the beginning of the season, we are able to launch our logo! In addition to the team colors, the initial letters of our team name (C.T) are also taken into account.
First challenge successfully completed!
At the end of the technical academy at the SIHK, we successfully mastered the first team challenge.
Let's get started!
„An investment in knowledge pays the best interest.”
Formula 1 at school gives us the opportunity to actively engage with the topics of technology and teamwork outside school. In order to reach this ambitious target we need your support. We want to develop this knowledge supported by industrial companies.
Science and technology have a high influence on everyday life. Wealth of our society is based considerably on the know-how of our engineers. This knowledge is the only commodity which Germany owns. Only through constant contact of our talented juniors with technology in school and beyond we can preserve our innovation power and guarantee Germany's technical position long term.

The monetary value of the sponsor is determined for the classification. In the case of sponsors who are only financially involved, this sponsored amount is used for the classification. In the case of sponsors who support us in addition to financial resources including services or material values, the value of the service or the asset is used for categorization.

Would you like to become a technical advisor or sponsor of our team?
Feel free to contact us!
Premium Partner
Senior Partner
Junior Partner
Organizer in South Westphalia